Seed Won the Incredible High-Stakes on Upswing

Huckleberry Seed won the incredible High-Stakes Gambler on upswing.  Since May he has been losing events by events and this win was indeed a much needed one. This feat has not only boosted up his confidence but also restored his rank. He started his career in 2009 and won several events and tournaments all these years.

“I have been looking for this occasion. It is like dream come true. Needless to mention, that I am really happy by winning High-Stakes Gambler on Upswing. I had a point to prove to myself and I have been successful,” he said in event. In fact since May he has been losing on regular basis. But he did not give up. “After all online poker is a kind of game in which you cannot expect to win every time. There will be ample failures but one has to stick to it. Once you get to know those tricks none can stop”.  When asked how he used feel those times when on his every bet he was losing, he said, “ I used to tell myself that this could happen. After playing several years, such disastrous loss may hamper your mind set. But the failure has taught me new things. I learnt to become patient. I held the believe that I could do it again”

There are many online casino parlours who announce lucrative bonuses while conducting tournament. This is indeed a marketing strategy. However crux of the story is that both parties need to be benefitted. The poker authorities have started understanding the pulse of the young generation and they are showing their goodwill while outlining the strategy. This is indeed important for both the authority and the gamblers.

While talking about the preparation and other associated issues, he opined that the online poker is all about the luck game. If you have the luck, you can win it, if not you can’t. But apart from luck there are several others things that one needs to take into consideration and they are determination, discipline, resilience, patience and all. You need to nurture these qualities and the rest of the things depend on your luck.

Ben Lamb

Ben Lamb is an American proficient poker player. Lamb is the 2011 World Series of Poker Player of the Year. He was likewise a part of the 2011 November Nine, finalizing in third spot. He at present has one World Series of Poker armlet and four vocation World Series of Poker (WSOP) last tables, three in Pot Limit Omaha and one in the 8-diversion blend position. He was the champ of the 2011 Card Player of the Year Award. He has had no less than three in the cash completes in each of the last three World Poker Series.

Lamb turned into an expert poker player in 2004. On September 23, 2006, he won the 2006 United States Poker Championship $500 No Limit hold ’em 400-player occasion for a prize of $60,000. Another striking title was his triumph in the May 11, 2010 Spring Championship of Online Poker $109 No Limit hold ’em occasion. He outlived a field of 4,204 contenders for a prize of $66,500. In 2011 he ruled the World Series of Poker on his route to the Card Player of the Year Award.

Before 2011, his main and longest WSOP final table showcase was the Tuesday, June 22, 2010 to Thursday, June 24, 2010. His best WSOP fundamental occasion fulfil proceeding came in 2009. This is when he completed fourteenth in the 6494-player occasion for a prize of $633,500. His success rate is one of the highest ones currently in existence. Both his skill in and love for the game are quite exquisite. Apart from the high winning amounts, these are some of the points which supported his rise to fame. Accordingly, he has maintained his reputation as the Card Player of the Decade.