Dutch online gambling bill gets tax migraine

The gambling reforms in Holland that target to revolutionize the Dutch online as well as land-based gaming places has been very slow-moving. The Dutch Remote Gambling Act is still being argued by a committee in the Lower House and it seems that there will be no end to it.
This is really a shame as foreign operators are queuing up for some that have the potential to be a huge online gambling revolution. The newest minor irritation is the fact that the two ruling alliance parties appeared to have suddenly and unexpectedly flip-flopped this week on the twenty percent tax rate for online gambling firms. Instead, the alliance proposed a blanket twenty-nine percent rate for both online as well as land-based operators.

It was really enough to make leading Holland gaming lawyers tear their hair out. Lawyer, Justin Franssen (Kalff Katz & Franssen) stated that there was now a real likelihood that the Dutch online place would fail. He stated that operators have already learned their lessons in other jurisdictions and he believed that their interest in the market would gravely decrease if and when these motions pass in the parliament.
Since the nation presently has no licensed online gambling sites at all, it would be quite fair to say that hundred percent of Dutch online gamblers employ with these markets that adds up to an figured 1.5 million adults. The target of the bill was to get a channelization rate of 80 percent away from the offshore market as well as toward the new licensed operators.