25 thoughts on “Poker Mistakes Series – Bankroll Management | School of Cards |

  1. I personally start losing in situations when I get bored or basically
    burned out. To counter that I either play a slightly higher stake table for
    more thrill if i can or take a somewhat long break. Play more with tilting
    players and have a good table selection. Keep tabs on your mental state. If
    you lose your focus, realize it, and leave.

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  3. man i wish i was half as smart as you. but then again i probably bust my
    smart iq account if i use half

  4. i’ll played 1,50 $ Sng’s and when i lose 3 times in a row it needs 3 hours
    to get your lost back…then my patience and concentration is gone and then
    i wanna urn it back fast by playing 5$ Sng’s. Stupid thing i can do pffff.

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  6. Stopped watching after he said “Part of the class I’ll be selling online.”
    If your intention was to sell us something without teaching us a single
    thing beforehand, please do so before you waste 3 minutes and 30 seconds of
    my time.

  7. 1st and foremost thank you very much for your videos and your time and
    effort that you put into them. I really enjoy watching them and having
    “busted” my small poker bankroll yesterday playing 215 sunday’s and warmups
    + hyper hu sng