PokerStars Dropped Charges Against Gordon Vayo

During the year 2017, Poker Stars had hosted the SCOOP tournament which is the Spring Championship for the Poker Online. Vayo, the champion from America in Poker earned more than $6 million and he had registered form the event of Poker Stars with a VPN. It showed him playing from Canada but actually, he was playing from California. This violated the terms and conditions of the Poker Stars.

During the event, Vayo had won $1050 Spring SCOOP event, playing as holla@yoboy. He secured the first position and a prize of around $700,000. It was also advertised about him on their blog. But when he didn’t receive his prize money, he sued the company.

Recently, Poker Stars have withdrawn their motion to collect $280,000 amount of work in legal services while defending themselves against Vayo’s lawsuit. But in terms of business, they’re in a terrible mess. So they decided to make a logical move by putting the dispute to rest at once. The Judge Mumm had ordered Vayo to give up $280,000 which could have been a lengthy affair and would have attracted unnecessary media coverage. Poker Stars had filed their withdrawal on 4th December, stating that Vayo’s litigation could be dismissed on the basis of prejudice and officially barred the poker pro.

Vayo’s attorney did make some false claims on Poker Stars which got intense and the company warned Vayo against it. Vayo is well known for securing the second position in the WSOP 2016 Main Event which was worth around $4.66 million. It had been in his best interest to move on from the lawsuit.

This dropping of charges is an important incident for the game of Poker which is played so widely. Else, the episode would have tarnished the image of the game and provided it in the bad light.