SuperSport – Croatia’s First Licensed Online Poker Room

There is good news for the poker fans in Croatia.

There have so far been no licensed and regulated online poker sites in the country. But, all this has changed now since January 11. SuperSport has come out with the first licensed Croatian online poker room and this is such a big turn of events in this country.

The Croatian government now allows anymore holding a land based casino in the country to also run its gaming operations online. This means that anyone with a land based casino can apply for an online sports, poker and casino license from the Croatian government. The online gaming operators having sites in Croatia are not restricted to offer their services in Croatia and they can also service customers from other countries as well. The SuperSport is a very popular and locally based licensed sportsbook and has over 300 street shops. They operate a small land based casino in Croatia also. They are the first gaming operators to get the license of online poker room from the Croatian government.    Continue reading