Memorial Day 2018 Reopening For Atlantic City Casino

There is glad news for all the casino lovers in Atlantic City.

The Taj Atlantic City casino is all set to reopen once again. It will be open once again come the Memorial Day 2018. This casino in Atlantic City was formerly known as the Trump Taj Mahal. It is currently undergoing a serious makeover and will be ready for the Memorial Day 2018.

The casino will not carry the same Trump Taj Mahal name. It is now rebranded as the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Atlantic City. This casino was built by the current U.S. President Donald Trump about 30 years ago. He had built it for $1.2 billion, but had to sell it for just $50 million in 2017. The Trump Taj Mahal downed its shutters in October 2016.

The Hard Rock International that is owned by the Seminole’s Indian tribe bought it by paying just 4 cents on the dollar and this is why it was sold at just $50 million. Hard Rock has announced that it is spending about $400 million to renovate the Trump Taj Mahal and make it one of the most popular attractions in Atlantic City. Continue reading

Mike Sexton Gains Title

Mike Sexton is not a strange name anymore due to the popular poker show that is televised, known as World Poker Tour.

Mike and Vince Van Patten are commentators on the show, which has gained a lot of popularity in recent times. Mike Sexton is now in the Hall of Fame as he has completed fifteen years of commentating from the booth. He won the trophy after breaking about 648 entries which were part of the 2016 no limit hold’em event organized by Mike has been long in the game and at 69 years he won about $317,896 USD which he took home and added his name to the WPT champions list.

Sexton reached the final table of WPT for the third time. Usually Sexton is at the commentator position, but this time Tony Dunst took his place. Sexton meanwhile, being a collegiate gymnast as well as a member of the 82nd Airborne Division, was able to play well and achieve the title position. Continue reading

SuperSport – Croatia’s First Licensed Online Poker Room

There is good news for the poker fans in Croatia.

There have so far been no licensed and regulated online poker sites in the country. But, all this has changed now since January 11. SuperSport has come out with the first licensed Croatian online poker room and this is such a big turn of events in this country.

The Croatian government now allows anymore holding a land based casino in the country to also run its gaming operations online. This means that anyone with a land based casino can apply for an online sports, poker and casino license from the Croatian government. The online gaming operators having sites in Croatia are not restricted to offer their services in Croatia and they can also service customers from other countries as well. The SuperSport is a very popular and locally based licensed sportsbook and has over 300 street shops. They operate a small land based casino in Croatia also. They are the first gaming operators to get the license of online poker room from the Croatian government.    Continue reading

Unibet Wins EGR Awards

EGR Operator awards are an annual event that is important for the poker operators across the world.

There are several categories in which different nominations are considered. Among the different nominations Unibet won Operator of the Year award that they shared with PokerStars. The event was held on 28th November in London. Unibet also won other awards such as the one that was given out for Socially Responsible Operator as well as Best Marketing Campaign. This was part of the category of Luck is No Coincidence, which was a larger category. Unibet has been going great guns since it decided to go solo, and move away from Micro gaming in 2014. Since then it has been part of Relax Gaming Company. The CEO of the company stated that the recognition that was given to the company made them proud that their efforts have been recognized. Continue reading

Owners of the NFL Raiders all set to meet officials about relocating to Las Vegas

An insider in the Office of Economic Development of Nevada Governor has confirmed Mark Davis, the owner of the National Football League’s Oakland Raiders, is planned to take a assembling with tourism officials about a probable move for team to Las Vegas.

Sheldon Adelson, the owner of a Billionaire, has proposed a US$1.3 billion stadium plan that would see a private- public collaboration for a domed stadium to be made near University of Nevada in Las Vegas. Earlier in January, UNLV purchased a forty-two acre site that the proposed stadium might be made on.

The Raiders were 1 of 3 teams that lobbied publicly for resettlement previous year. The Chargers as well as Rams also looked to resettle, with earlier finally staying put in San Diego for around a year when the later has shifted to Los Angeles and then into a US$ 1.8 billion stadium that is being made with the expectations of being all set by the year 2019.
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Dutch online gambling bill gets tax migraine

The gambling reforms in Holland that target to revolutionize the Dutch online as well as land-based gaming places has been very slow-moving. The Dutch Remote Gambling Act is still being argued by a committee in the Lower House and it seems that there will be no end to it.
This is really a shame as foreign operators are queuing up for some that have the potential to be a huge online gambling revolution. The newest minor irritation is the fact that the two ruling alliance parties appeared to have suddenly and unexpectedly flip-flopped this week on the twenty percent tax rate for online gambling firms. Instead, the alliance proposed a blanket twenty-nine percent rate for both online as well as land-based operators.

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Odette Fremilloy: A Player who Plays for Gaining Knowledge

Odette Fremilloy is a very old poker player. She comes from Las Vegas in United States. She is very professional. Poker is her favorite game. She plays Poker not for making money but for gaining knowledge of poker and become an expert poker player.

She makes sure that every game she plays she gives 100% in it. Since she has been playing poker since 2005, she has deep insights of poker. She has won many titles and her earnings also show how good a poker player she is. She has participated in a wide range of competitions and has also won most of them. She has even won many poker games at domestic level.

Odette Fremilloy is an inspiration for a lot of new young players. She is known for her playing strategies. She never plays any two games with the same strategy. This is what makes her the most demanded player in the poker. In the process of playing she is alert and keeps her eyes open towards other players, so that she constantly keeps on learning. She has won many cashes, bracelets, final tables in this game. She has won 1 cashes at World Series Poker. Since she hails from Las Vegas, the place know for best casinos and poker places she is very popular. She has never left her customers unsatisfied. Continue reading

David Kitai Embodies Perspicacity in the Poker Landscape

The poker arenas have attracted many people from all the corners of the world. There are players who have written their own stories in the poker books by leaving a mark at global circuit events.

David Kitai is a Belgian-based player whom every purist would want to rub shoulders with or share a table. He has not only ranked #11th in the Global Poker Index in 2014 but was the first professional player from his country to notch a World Series of Poker bracelet. His outstanding performance is cemented by his inclusion in the top five tripartite crown winners sharing the pedestal with the likes of Roland De Wolfe, Jake Cody alongside Gavin Griffin.

This hegemony is occupied by those who have contemporaneously won the EPT, WSOP bracelet and WPT. His notable winning milestones have one common strand, joining the poker arenas for far-reaching rewards. Continue reading

Seed Won the Incredible High-Stakes on Upswing

Huckleberry Seed won the incredible High-Stakes Gambler on upswing.  Since May he has been losing events by events and this win was indeed a much needed one. This feat has not only boosted up his confidence but also restored his rank. He started his career in 2009 and won several events and tournaments all these years.

“I have been looking for this occasion. It is like dream come true. Needless to mention, that I am really happy by winning High-Stakes Gambler on Upswing. I had a point to prove to myself and I have been successful,” he said in event. In fact since May he has been losing on regular basis. But he did not give up. “After all online poker is a kind of game in which you cannot expect to win every time. There will be ample failures but one has to stick to it. Once you get to know those tricks none can stop”.  When asked how he used feel those times when on his every bet he was losing, he said, “ I used to tell myself that this could happen. After playing several years, such disastrous loss may hamper your mind set. But the failure has taught me new things. I learnt to become patient. I held the believe that I could do it again”

There are many online casino parlours who announce lucrative bonuses while conducting tournament. This is indeed a marketing strategy. However crux of the story is that both parties need to be benefitted. The poker authorities have started understanding the pulse of the young generation and they are showing their goodwill while outlining the strategy. This is indeed important for both the authority and the gamblers.

While talking about the preparation and other associated issues, he opined that the online poker is all about the luck game. If you have the luck, you can win it, if not you can’t. But apart from luck there are several others things that one needs to take into consideration and they are determination, discipline, resilience, patience and all. You need to nurture these qualities and the rest of the things depend on your luck.