Odette Fremilloy: A Player who Plays for Gaining Knowledge

Odette Fremilloy is a very old poker player. She comes from Las Vegas in United States. She is very professional. Poker is her favorite game. She plays Poker not for making money but for gaining knowledge of poker and become an expert poker player.

She makes sure that every game she plays she gives 100% in it. Since she has been playing poker since 2005, she has deep insights of poker. She has won many titles and her earnings also show how good a poker player she is. She has participated in a wide range of competitions and has also won most of them. She has even won many poker games at domestic level.

Odette Fremilloy is an inspiration for a lot of new young players. She is known for her playing strategies. She never plays any two games with the same strategy. This is what makes her the most demanded player in the poker. In the process of playing she is alert and keeps her eyes open towards other players, so that she constantly keeps on learning. She has won many cashes, bracelets, final tables in this game. She has won 1 cashes at World Series Poker. Since she hails from Las Vegas, the place know for best casinos and poker places she is very popular. She has never left her customers unsatisfied. Continue reading