25 thoughts on “The Pro’s and Con’s of Being a Professional Poker Player | School of Cards | Poker Advice

  1. Dont put all your soldiers in one battle. I always do this with a hand
    dominating my opponents (ace king vs ace 4 on a flop of AQJ ) ALL IN &
    WALLA! 4 on river. Brutal game. Cant let it get to you but when you lose it
    all like that. Trying telling yourself that!

  2. I would suggest any “GOOD” poker player to consider trader too. The two are
    nearly identical except trading is easier. In poker, to make more money you
    have to play better competition. But once you’ve figured the ABCs of
    trading (not a trivial matter) it’s over. Turning 100K into a million is no
    harder than turning $1 into $10.

  3. I have a question for you.. Why can I win sit and go tourneys on a pretty
    regular basis but always lose in cash games ???. What am I doing wrong?

  4. Wow thank you so much man very helpful, very informative, very truthful,
    and blunt I’ve struggled for such a long time with playing professionally
    just because of the fact that you don’t contribute to the world in anyway
    doing this, which is personally why I only do it part time the other time I
    keep a normal job where i’m doing something that’s productive to others:)